Looking to bring new life to a tired property? Are your metal finishes rusting and chipping? Do you wish you could have that “fresh from the factory” finish again that would last for years? The answer is Electrostatic Painting.

The electromagnetic field creates a smooth, STRONG enamel finish and reduces problems with uneven coverage and overspray that result from using regular painting. We apply a negative electric charge to the paint while it is propelled through the paint gun, and since the paint particles all have the same charge, they repel each other. This helps to distribute the paint particles evenly and get uniform coverage.

Usually the object being painted is metal and grounded, but almost any product can be finished electrostatically. The paint particles have a charge so they are attracted to the opposite charge of the object being painted.

What types of metal do we paint? Handrails, Storefronts, Window Frames, Sliding Door Frames, Metal Signs, Light Poles, Light Posts. Most Metals Can be painted Electrostatically.

Northbridge Center Before/After

Our client was looking for a way to update look of their building.  The faded red framing around the glass dated the building and detracted from the architectural beauty of the property.

After painting the frames electrostatically with a sleek black finish, it not only solved the issue of the faded frames, but gave the  property a much needed “facelift” that will stay beautiful for years.



Northbridge Center Exterior
Before Electrostatic Painting

Northbridge Center Exterior
After Electrostatic Painting