Florida’s average yearly rainfall is almost 60 inches! Creating a water-tight building envelope is your property’s greatest defense against water-intrusion and corrosion.

We are experts at determining where and how water is getting into your building. We have the systems and products to protect your building against the elements for years to come.

Water-intrusion can cause mold, interior damage, corrosion, structural damage and is costly to remediate.

Stop the water before it becomes a problem: Call Munyan


Leak Detection
Below Grade Waterproofing
Expansion Control Joints
Epoxy Injection
Cementitious Waterproofing
Fluid Applied Waterproofing
Planter Waterproofing
Pedestrian/Vehicular Deck Coating Systems
Caulking And Silicone/Urethane Sealants
Elastomeric Wall Coating Systems
High Build Waterproof Acrylic Wall Coatings